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Psychosexual Evaluation

The evaluation process establishes a foundation to develop a treatment plan and appropriate treatment goals. We utilize a comprehensive approach to risk assessment and evaluation. Our approach is grounded in the latest research as well as legal and ethical standards. We have the ability to incorporate specialized testing instruments such as the Monarch 21 Penile Plethysmograph, The Abel Assessment of Sexual Interest, and polygraph evaluations. The service is intended  for individuals that may be required to participate in a psychosexual evaluation due to legal problems or other life circumstances. Others may be concerned about sexual thoughts and behaviors that are creating difficulties in their lives and may be escalating to the degree of causing irreversible life consequences. We are here to help! If you are interested in more information regarding consultation please click here for referral instructions.

Treatment for Sexually Addictive Behaviors

Some people use sex to medicate their feelings and/or cope with stress much in the same way as others would use alcohol or drugs. Lack of sexual self-control can manifest in the form of excessive use of porn sites, phone sex, sexting, sexual related chat, and strip bars; it can lead to multiple infidelities, risky sexual behavior, bankruptcy, harm to those in your life, self-harm, or the loss of a job due to out of control behaviors. Rooted in factors such as shame and low self-esteem, there is little satisfaction gained from the sexual activities and rarely an interest in intimacy or emotional connection. Treatment allows individuals to address the lack of sexual self-control where their behavior is interfering with their relationship, job, and reputation. Treatment involves teaching relapse prevention methods, increasing motivation to change, addressing underlying issues such as cognitive distortions (the need for immediate gratification, deviant sexual fantasizing) and developing healthy emotional and sexual intimacy. If you or a loved one is struggling with a sexual addiction and would be interested in more information regarding a consultation or treatment. Click here for referral instructions.

Pornography Time Statistics

Children Internet Pornography Statistics

Average age of first Internet exposure to pornography

11 years old

Largest consumer of Internet pornography

35 - 49 age group

15-17 year olds having multiple hard-core exposures


8-16 year olds having viewed porn online

90% (most while doing homework)

7-17 year olds who would freely give out home address


7-17 year olds who would freely give out email address


Children's character names linked to thousands of porn links

26% (Including Pokemon & Action Man)

Adult Internet Pornography Statistics

Men admitting to accessing pornography at work


US adults who regularly visit Internet pornography websites

40 million

Christians who said pornography is a major problem in the home


Adults admitting to Internet sexual addiction


Breakdown of male/female visitors to pornography sites

72% male - 28% female

Women and Pornography

Women keeping their cyber activities secret


Women struggling with pornography addiction


Ratio of women to men favoring chat rooms


Percentage of visitors to adult websites who are women

1 in 3 visitors

Women accessing adult websites each month

9.4 million

Women admitting to accessing pornography at work


Women, far more than men, are likely to act out their behaviors in real life, such as having multiple partners, casual sex, or affairs.

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Court Mandated Evaluation and Treatment Services for Adults and Adolescents

Individuals that have been charged or convicted of a sexually related offense are often encouraged or required to comply with a psychosexual risk assessment and/or sex offense specific treatment. The evaluation and psychosexual risk assessment process is based on extensive research and a best practices standard protocol designed to assess the individuals static risk factors, dynamic risk factors, sexually deviant thoughts/behaviors, deviant sexual interests, and deviant sexual arousal. Treatment is provided in an individual or group format as clinically indicated. The goal of treatment is to ensure public safety, reduce the risk factors associated with recidivism, educate the client regarding the pathways of committing a sexual offense, enhancing the individual’s motivation and commitment to change, challenging cognitive distortions, encouraging accountability, developing and enhancing empathy, addressing underlying factors that may contribute to offending such as mental health issues and unresolved trauma. Interested in more information regarding a consultation or treatment? Click here for referral instructions.

The Domestic Violence alternatives Program (DVAP)

The Domestic Violence Alternatives Program (DVAP) is a Virginia Certified Batterer Intervention Program. DVAP is a specialized program that provides treatment ot individuals that utilize emotional or physical violence in their relationships. Visit for more information. If you are interested in more information regarding a consultation or treatment click here for referral instructions.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP)

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor on staff to provide substance abuse assessment and treatment. Individual and group treatment programs are available. For information regarding a consultation or treatment click here for referral instructions.

Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment

Our caring professionals are available to assess and treat a wide range of mental health diagnosis. Our treatment professionals specialize in the treatment of mood disorders (depression and Bipolar Disorder), Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorder, PTSD, and adolescent behavioral issues. For information regarding a consultation or treatment click here for referral instructions.

Treatment Program for Adolescents

For information regarding a consultation or treatment click here for referral instructions.

Polygraph - Risk Management of Virginia

Polygraph Examiner – Jeffrey A. McCorkindale

Occupation: Engaged in the field of Detection of Deception to determine the truthfulness of individuals involved in Criminal, Civil, and Domestic matters.

Training: Involved in insurance and commercial investigation from 1960 to 1989, specializing in theft, fraud and embezzlement cases as a professional investigator. Educated at Roanoke College Institute of Applied Sciences, and Backster School of Lie Detection in New York, NY, in licensed since 1973 in the Commonwealth of Virginia through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. Served as auxiliary officer with the Roanoke City Police Department for 21 years, retiring in 1985 with the rank of lieutenant. Attended and completed numerous polygraph seminars in professional education through the American Polygraph Association and the Virginia Polygraph Association. Also completed the certification requirements for Forensic Polygraph Examiner at the Argenbright International Institute of Polygraph, Atlanta, GA for the Polygraph Monitoring of Sex Offenders. Also was involved as an instructor for Mr. William Franklin in the Virginia School of Polygraph in teaching in the course required by the Commonwealth of Virginia for Examiners involved in the monitoring of sex offenders in Virginia. In 2008 was one of the authors of the book "Sex-Offender Therapy," published by The Hawthorn Press, Taylor & Francis Groups.

Testimony Given as a Polygraph Examiner: In Courts of Record in City of Roanoke, City of Lynchburg, Roanoke County and Bedford County.

Representative Clients: Woods, Rogers and Hazlegrove, Attorneys; Bird, Kinder and Huffman, Attorneys; Harry F. Bosen, Attorney; Deborah Caldwell-Bono, Attorney; Frith, Anderson & Peake, Attorneys; John E. Lichtenstein, Attorney; Public Defender's Office, Roanoke, Virginia; Department of Corrections, Probation & Parole, Commonwealth of Virginia (Districts 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 22); Community Corrections of Virginia, Inc. (Roanoke Area Sex Offender Program); North Roanoke Family Counselors; Shenandoah Valley Sex Offender's Treatment Program; Flora Counseling Services; Federal Probation & Parole, Western District.

Professional Membership: American Polygraph Association.


Meet Our Staff of Caring Professionals

Roanoke Area Manager - Angela Hall

Angela Hall has been involved in the field for approximately fifteen years. She will provide information on services and assist you in scheduling an appointment for services. She also serves as the main point of contact for referral sources. She will provide timely information and assist with any questions that you may have.

To contact please email (specific to therapists)

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Daniel E. Karnes, MSW, LCSW, CSOTP

Keith E. Fender, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW, CSOTP

Keith E. Fender is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is also a Certifed Domestic Violence Counselor. His education includes: PhD honor graduate from LaSalle University, MSW honor graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a BSW from Ferrum College. Dr. Fender has been adjunct faculty member in the School of Social Work at Radford University since 1998 and is currently the Chair of the Virginia Batterer Intervention Certification Board.